Holy Smoke Meat & Fish

Have you tried Holy Smoke’s new and exciting range of succulent exotic meat and fish flavours? The smokey flavours are so divine, you’ll want to try them all!

Bourbon & Maple Syrup Hot Smoked Salmon

  • Our salmon is placed in our own unique brine & then marinated to allow it to infuse with the beautiful flavours of Bourbon & Maple Syrup & then cured overnight. It is then gently smoked allowing the flavours to develop to create a delicious product!

Honey Cured Free-Range Bacon

  • This is our latest product which has been traditionally smoked and tastes fresh and natural.

Portuguese Smoked Chicken

  • Holy Smoke has blended exotic flavours to create our Portugese Smoked Chicken that will set your mouth on fire! Our chicken breast is brined in our own unique recipe and then marinated in an array of special spices! It is then traditionally smoked to create a unique combination of spices and smokey chicken. It is a perfect accompaniment for salads and sauces!

Smoked Chicken

  • The chicken breast is brined in our own special mix and then smoked throughout the day. Holy Smoke’s chicken exhibits a gentle smokey flavour creating a delicious taste sensation!

    Smoked Trout

    • Holy Smoke’s magnificent tasting rainbow Trout simply melts in your mouth and will keep you fishing for more! A whole fish that is marinated using our own special mix and then gently smoked throughout the day using a combination of local timbers. It is then sealed to keep in all the flavours and freshness. A delight on its own or as an ingredient in various recipes.

    Our smoked meat and fish are traditionally smoked with fresh ingredients to create their mouth watering taste before being sealed in their air tight cryovak pouch.

    We’ve cooked them to perfection, so just slice, dice and serve either hot or cold with your favourite pasta, rice or salad dish.

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